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Studying from home is fast becoming a very popular way of studying for a change of career. It gives you so much flexibility in the way that you study and how you spread your time out. You don’t have to be restricted by schedules regarding full time training courses even fast intensive courses can last up to 8 weeks. You can do all your studying from the comfort of your own home which enables you to carry on with your other personal commitments, whether that be family or even carrying on with your current job.

Some home study courses don’t mind if you take up to 5 years to complete, it really doesn’t matter how long you take, that’s the whole point, it really is up to you how you juggle your studies. Of course the amount of time you have available to study will determine how long it will all take to complete.

The best advantage of home studying is that you can go at your own pace and you still get the opportunity to still be earning a wage while you study and then once you qualify you’ll be ready to begin your new career as an electrician.

How will my course be put together?

Well your electrician home study course would have been put together by an electrician, who would be or has been an expert in their trade so you can rest assured all you need will be covered in your course. They will know exactly what will be required and will be up to date on all that the awarding bodies for example City & Guilds would expect.

Once you have successfully completed your electrician course it will then be totally up to you whether or not you aim for your NVQ. Don’t panic over this it’s very straightforward and will broaden your portfolio, what happens is an assessor will visit you at your place of work and will assess you as you carry out different tasks. If they are happy then you’ll be awarded your NVQ and if they’re not satisfied, you always have the chance in the future to try again.

How will I carry out my practical assessments?

Ok so your course cannot be completed without assessments and you will have to carry out practical tasks, the assessors will realise that you have studied from home and that you wouldn’t have had the same opportunity at carrying out practical tasks like the students who would be training at a training centre or college. The assessors are there for one thing and that’ to offer you help and guidance as you carry out your practical tasks. These practical assessments may be carried out weekly in separate blocks of training and may also be available at weekends which would be perfect if you’re currently working Monday to Friday and only have spare time at weekends.

Once you successfully complete your home study electrician course you will gain your City & Guilds certificate and would then become a qualified electrician.

Anything Else?

That’s it really as you can see if you cannot fully commit to full time studying home studying really is the way to go, perfect for those juggling a busy life. So I hope I’ve been of assistance and I wish you all the best with your future studies in becoming an electrician.

For more info you can visit City & Guilds, and


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